Mulūk al-Arḍīya (Arabic: ملوك الأرضية "Earthly Kings")

Magicians read in their books about these kings, whose names vary depending on the source. According to one version, they were: Mudhhib ("gilder"), Merra, al-Ahmar ("the red"), Borqan ("the gleaming"), Semhuresh, al-Abyad ("the white") and Mimun ("lucky").

  • Al-Madhab (المذهب; The Golden One)
    • Day: Sunday
    • Planet: The Sun
    • Angel: Ruqya'il (روقيائيل); Raphael (רפאל)
  • Al-Abyad (الابيض; The White One)
    • Day: Monday
    • Planet: The Moon
    • Angel: Jibril (جبريل); Gabriel (גבריאל)
  • Al-Ahmar (الاحمر; The Red One)
    • Day: Tuesday
    • Planet: Mars
    • Angel: Samsama'il (سمسمائيل); Samael (סמאל)
  • Barqan (بورقان; Two Thunders)
    • Day: Wednesday
    • Planet: Mercury
    • Angel: Mikail (ميكائيل‎); Michael (מיכאל)
  • Šamhureš (شمهورش)
    • Day: Thursday
    • Planet: Jupiter
    • Angel: Sarfya'il (صرفيائيل); Zadkiel (צדקיאל)
  • Zawba'ah (زوبعة; Cyclone)
    • Day: Friday
    • Planet: Venus
    • Angel: 'Anya'il (عنيائيل); Anael (ענאל)
  • Maymun (ميمون; Prosperous/Lucky)
    • Day: Saturday
    • Planet: Saturn
    • Angel: Kasfa'il (كسفيائيل); Cassiel (קפציאל‎)

Each of these jinn kings has many tribes of jinn subjects to his rule. All the above given names are Arabic -- except for Shamhurish, whose origin is unclear. Shamhurish is considered by some accounts to have been a jinn companion of the Prophet, and some believe he died long ago -- in the early eighteenth century -- and has been replaced by Mutawakkil. 'Abu Murrah' (Father of Bitterness) is a common alias for Iblis. 'Abu al-Harith' (Father of Plowman) is, for reasons lost in antiquity, an old Arabic term for African lion.

Four of the seven jinn kings qualified as 'archdemons', or leaders of infernal hosts: Mudhib, Maimun, Barqan and al-Ahmar. Each of the four archdemons had for his deputy an ifrit, an evil jinni more powerful than a run-of-the-mill shaitan or devil. Mudhib had the ifrit Damriat (or Tamriat), Maimun had Man'iq (or San'iq), Barqan had Wahdelbadj (or Wahdeliadj) and al-Ahmar had Sughal.

Typology of jnun and Parts of the Body Attacked
Name of jinn Part of body attacked
Al-ahmar (red) Head, uterus
Barqan Back
Shamharush Belly
Murra Pelvis
Mimun Feet
Al-abayad (white) Whole body


The Seven Kings of the Air

Picatrix (Latinized Ghayat al-Hakim by Maslama al-Majriti (c. 950-1007 CE))

  • Barchia
  • Bethel almoda
  • Hamar benabis
  • Zobaa marrach
  • Fide arrach
  • Samores maymon
  • Aczabi

Heptameron by Pietro d'Abano (c. 1257-1316 CE)

  1. Varcan
  2. Arcan
  3. Samax
  4. Mediat
  5. Suth
  6. Sarabotes
  7. Maymon

Liber Juratus by Honorius of Thebes

  1. Batthan
  2. Harthan
  3. Iammax
  4. Habaa
  5. Formione
  6. Sarabocres
  7. Maymon

Ghent Manuscript

Ghent ms).jpg
  1. Hamarth
  2. Maymon
  3. Samar
  4. Barchan
  5. Samhuris
  6. Saubaa
  7. Saday

Leipzig Codex "Salomonis Trismosini Cabala"

Leipzig cod.).jpg
  1. N.N.
  2. Maynam
  3. Hamar
  4. Barchum
  5. Semhuse
  6. Sambor
  7. N.N.
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