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*'''[[Al-Madhab]]''' (المذهب; The Golden One)
*'''[[Al-Madhab]]''' (المذهب; The Golden One)
**Day: Monday
**Day: Sunday
**Planet: The Sun
**Planet: The Sun
**Angel: Ruqya'il (روقيائيل)
**Angel: Ruqya'il (روقيائيل)
*'''[[Al-Abyad]]''' (الابيض; The White One)
*'''[[Al-Abyad]]''' (الابيض; The White One)
**Day: The Moon
**Day: Monday
**Planet: Monday
**Planet: The Moon
**Angel: Jibril (جبريل)
**Angel: Jibril (جبريل)
*'''[[Al-Ahmar]]''' (الاحمر; The Red One)
*'''[[Al-Ahmar]]''' (الاحمر; The Red One)

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Magicians read in their books about these kings, whose names vary depending on the source. According to one version, they were: Mudhhib ("gilder"), Merra, al-Ahmar ("the red"), Borqan ("the gleaming"), Semhuresh, al-Abyad ("the white") and Mimun ("lucky").

  • Al-Madhab (المذهب; The Golden One)
    • Day: Sunday
    • Planet: The Sun
    • Angel: Ruqya'il (روقيائيل)
  • Al-Abyad (الابيض; The White One)
    • Day: Monday
    • Planet: The Moon
    • Angel: Jibril (جبريل)
  • Al-Ahmar (الاحمر; The Red One)
    • Day: Tuesday
    • Planet: Mars
    • Angel: Samsama'il (سمسمائيل)
  • Barqan (بورقان; Two Thunders)
    • Day: Wednesday
    • Planet: Mercury
    • Angel: Mikail (ميكائيل‎)
  • Šamhureš (شمهورش)
    • Day: Thursday
    • Planet: Jupiter
    • Angel: Sarfya'il (صرفيائيل)
  • Zawba'ah (زوبعة; Cyclone)
    • Day: Friday
    • Planet: Venus
    • Angel: 'Anya'il (عنيائيل)
  • Maymun (ميمون; Prosperous)
    • Day: Saturday
    • Planet: Saturn
    • Angel: Kasfa'il (كسفيائيل)

Each of these jinn kings has many tribes of jinn subjects to his rule. All the above given names are Arabic -- except for Shamhurish, whose origin is unclear. Shamhurish is considered by some accounts to have been a jinn companion of the Prophet, and some believe he died long ago -- in the early eighteenth century -- and has been replaced by Mutawakkil. 'Abu Murrah' (Father of Bitterness) is a common alias for Iblis. 'Abu al-Harith' (Father of Plowman) is, for reasons lost in antiquity, an old Arabic term for African lion.

Four of the seven jinn kings qualified as 'archdemons', or leaders of infernal hosts: Mudhib, Maimun, Barqan and al-Ahmar. Each of the four archdemons had for his deputy an ifrit, an evil jinni more powerful than a run-of-the-mill shaitan or devil. Mudhib had the ifrit Damriat (or Tamriat), Maimun had Man'iq (or San'iq), Barqan had Wahdelbadj (or Wahdeliadj) and al-Ahmar had Sughal.

Typology of jnun and Parts of the Body Attacked
Name of jinn Part of body attacked
Al-ahmar (red) Head, uterus
Barqan Back
Shamharush Belly
Murra Pelvis
Mimun Feet
Al-abayad (white) Whole body


The Seven Kings of the Air


  1. Varcan
  2. Arcan
  3. Samax
  4. Mediat
  5. Suth
  6. Sarabotes
  7. Maymon
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