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أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

[[I Seek Protection In Allah From Satan The Outcast.]]

Welcome to the Jinn Wikia[]

These are conscious beings, which are invisible. In the Holy Qur'an they are described by the word JINN; among the ordinary people they are also known as 'spirit', ‘fairy’, ‘giant’, ‘ghost’, ‘JINN’ ,‘elf’, ‘aliens’ and various other names are given to them depending on the image they display. The people think that they are the SPIRITS of the dead people, so they try to establish contacts with them by calling them. Last but not least, these conscious beings introduce themselves as ’BEINGS FROM OUTER SPACE’ to those people whose level of knowledge is insufficient to be able to buy their stories with respect to Nafs (Soul) the JINN take its existence, its liveliness and its ‘self’ conscious from the absolute ‘SPIRIT’. [1]

Feel free to add any information about the jinn that you may have.

  1. Spirit Man Jinn By Ahmed Hulûsi

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