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Fuqtus or Fiqitush (Arabic: فقطس), was the jinni who taught Solomon the names of each jinn.

Personal Mandal for Faqtish the Sage of the Jinn[]

Fast nine days with exercise. Recite the following names twenty-one times after each obligatory prayer. After the nine days, the servant will come to you either in dream or waking. He will enter into a covenant with you for what is permissible. If you want this, write the seal on the back of the mirror. Burn the incense, which is Benzoin and Aloes, while you are staring in the mirror. Recite the incantation three times. It is: "Shalesh (شلش), Shalesh (شلش); Shalosh (شلوش), Shalosh (شلوش); Shahiosh (شهيوش), Shahiosh (شهيوش); Shamosh (شاموش), Shamosh (شاموش); Shahosh (شاهوش), Shahosh (شاهوش); Shalosh (شالوش), Shalosh (شالوش); and Halosh (هلوش), Halosh (هلوش). Glory be to He who is capable of all things. Answer O Faqtesh (فقطس), O sage of the jinn, and be charged quickly with my service. By He who grew your hearing and vision and created you from smokeless fire, now, now quickly, quickly, this hour, this hour.

The seal is as you see following:

Seal of Faqtish.png



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