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Danhash or Danhesh (Arabic: دنهش), is the strongest one of Satan's children and he comes in the appearance of a man wearing a big hat and holding a cross in his left hand.

He also appears as a massive silver lion with sharp horns, clenched between his fangs is the head of a man. He resides in all darkness upon the Earth. When he attacks his victims he causes darkness to befall them, their blindness leads them to see horrible dark phantomous beings and shades. He also resides within the womb, causing the loss of pregnancy due to the victims excessive lust for intercourse.

Misceláneo de Salomón[]

Then the fourteenth Tayleq (الطليق), named Danhash, entered in the form of a lion, his face like that of a lion, he had horns, the physique of a bull, and hands like that of a cat. Between his teeth was the head of a human being. Sulaiman said to him, "What is your corruption? Where is your residence?" He said, "I reside in all dark areas. My corruption is that I trouble a person and make him stutter. I also abide in the wombs of women and I descend during their labor. I squeeze the stomach of a woman, and cause the loss of her pregnancy, due to her excessive lust for intercourse." Fiqitush said, "The medicine for this, O prophet of Allah, is opium, euphorbia, smearwort, sagapenum, and castor. Pound whatever can be pounded from them, and then soak all of it in leek juice. It should be then kneaded, turned into pills, and dried. He should be given one mithqal of it to consume with lukewarm water for three consecutive days. Also write this amulet for him and it is a cure by permission of Allah, and it is this: 'Hu (هو), Hu, Hu, Alhim (الهيم), Alohim (الوهيم), Adoni (ادونى), Sabaot (صباوت), Ahya (اهيا), Sherahya (شراهيا), cure (name) daughter of (name). You may not approach her from this day to the end of time. This has been witnessed by Allah, the Exalted, by Jibrail (Gabriel), Mikail (Michael), Israfil (Raphael) and Azrail (Azrael), by the Lord of the Malaikah, the prophets and the messengers, and by Muhammad, Your prophet, Ibrahim (Abraham), Your companion, Musa (Moses), Your confidant, 'Isa (Jesus), Your soul and word, and with the Tawrat (Torah) of Musa, the Injil (Gospel) of 'Isa, the Zabur (Psalm) of Dawud, and the Qur'an of Muhammad, the blessings of Allah be upon him and His peace, with You revealed from the Book of the Mighty One. No falsehood shall approach Him from before or from behind Him. Thou shall cure her from every sickness and summons and pain. The blessings of Allah be upon him (Muhammad), and his family. We greet him with peace in a multitude of greetings.'"