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Damalsami Damalsami 26 July 2017

Shaitan Iblis father of all ediots & layers

  • haitan has declared war against mankind / Aliens are *emons *haitan

Investigating X files : Disclosed 549.947.00

  • Its written from the prospective of Semitic belief of one and only God . War against belief and the hidden enemy of human kind.Its thought to be two million years or more old story.Shaitan who still walks on earth by the permission of the god he had the privilege for his past good deeds to be close to God & to converse with the Creator himself directly very few had that chance go so close to Almighty God can you emazin?This stupid ediot blew it what any one ever wanted he had it .Because of his ego he lost it.all of them are not Shaitan nor they are bad .A sect called Shaitan are b…
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